Cousin’s Love

(Scene; at Marie’s school)

(It is visiting day at Marie’s school. Aidan has gone to visit his sister Marie at the school. The girls are neatly dressed in their white blouses, brown skirts, white and brown shoes, standing in groups and are eagerly waiting for their parents to arrive. Aidan is by the brown signing his name.)

Marie (She spots his brother Aidan, she screams and shouts his name.) Aidan! (She starts to run towards him.)

Aidan (He drops the bags he is carrying open his arms to hug his sister.) That’s my little princess. (She jumps at him and they both hug tightly. Some students burst into laughter, the teachers and parents are amused.) What are they starring at?

Marie A red ghost. (They both burst into laughter.) Are they still starring at us?

Aidan Yes, they are still starring.

Marie Aaarrgh! I hate those zombies. (They burst into laughter, but this time much louder than the first one.)

Aidan You can now let go.

Marie Not right now, I missed you. Let me compensate all my hugs. (She sniffs her nose.) Are those fries? (She let go off Aidan and bends to pick the shopping bags.)

Aidan (He smiles at her) Dad ordered me not to buy you any fries.

Marie (She interrupts) I hate when he visits, he is ever late. He always brings only drinks and some few cakes. Last time he came to school with water in his arms, he was also the last parent to arrive. (Her fellow students shout out Marie’s name as they pass by)

Aidan (He smiles and whispers to Marie) I can see you are already a celebrity.

Marie (She laughs softly) I know they are calling me right now because their parents haven’t arrived. Why didn’t mum and dad come?

Aidan (He sighs and pats Marie’s shoulder.) As usual, work, dad went to work abroad while mum got a new job, she had to report today.

Marie (She spreads her sweater and tells his brother to sit on it. She gets her food and start eating.) You look cute today. Did you pass through your friend’s wedding before coming here? (They burst into laughter) You are always dressed on casual wear…

Aidan (He interrupts) Hey Bum! Bum! Take it easy and eat slowly. You’ll choke. The food isn’t running away. How is school?

Marie (She quickly replies.) Boring! Really boring! Was school interesting to you?

Aidan (He replies with a slight hesitation.) It was really interesting.

Marie (She burst into laughter) Interesting school, that’s why you were always suspended because you seemed to get into endless troubles,

Aidan Who told you that I was always suspended from school?

Marie (she returns the fries into the bag. She searches the bags and fishes out chocolate. She smiles and hugs Aidan.) This is why I love you big brother. I’m not going to eat it, I’ll sneak it to the rooms.

Aidan I can see someone coming home soon because of suspension.

Marie So you always got suspended because you were sneaking food to your rooms?

Aidan Something of that kind. How did you perform?

Marie (She gets up and starts to dance.) Straight A’s. You made me a promise that if I improved from my previous grade you’ll get me a new phone you owe me.

Aidan I’ll get you the phone when you come home for the holiday. Sit down, everyone is starring at you.

Marie (She scoffs as she sits down) can’t they mind their own business. (She points at two ladies passing by.) The plump one is our school captain, she eats like a pig. The other slender one is the one who came second after me. I hate the two of them.

Aidan From the way you are looking at them, I can guess your envy. Where are your friends? Mum told me that you have lots of friends, that is why I bought all these food, or are you going to eat all of them? (He then smiles at her.)

Marie Hmmm… I’ll call them once I am done. Not now. Hmmm…Yummy, these chicken tastes delicious

Aidan You are a glutton…

Marie (She interrupts) Not really. Do you Cindy?

Aidan Who is she?

Marie (She points at a young lady who is standing by herself behind a small crowd looking at the gate, her arms are crossed in front of her and her face looks gloomy. She checks on her wrist watch, gives a sigh and starts to walk towards the hostels.) She is the prettiest girl here at school, she is pretty, right?

Aidan She looks, gorgeous, just like you.

Marie (she looks directly at Aidan’s eyes.) You like her?

Aidan Hell no! What makes you think of that I like her?

Marie (She smiles broadly.) I’m familiar with that reply, it’s the reply you gave out when I asked about Kiera, Bailey and Naya. You ended up dating all of them.

Aidan Cindy is different…

Marie (Interrupting) Okay, I see

Aidan See what?

Marie (She laughs softly) That look in your eyes and butterflies.

Aidan You are nuts sissy.

To be continued…